No Christmas tree, no Christmas tree - so where the heck is the refund

Five Star Christmas Trees says customers will get refunds (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) William Douglas purchased a Christmas tree from a Utah-based company called Five Star Christmas Trees. It was supposed to be delivered after Thanksgiving but never came.

"Their excuse was there was a supply issue with the local farms in our area," William said.

No tree would be coming for William this Christmas, but he says he was promised a refund.

That refund that hasn't come, either.

"I sent another email requested a status of the refund check, and to this day I still have not received a reply," he said.

Out $66 and not sure where else to turn, William decided it was time to Get Gephardt.

William isn't alone in his frustrations with Five Start Christmas Trees. The Utah Better Business Bureau has slapped the company with an "F” rating after receiving 160 complaints from customers across the country.

"Five Star Christmas Trees has kind of been a thorn in our side, and in the side of many consumers, because they don't get their Christmas trees,” BBB President Jane Driggs said.

She says many of the customers complaining are a vulnerable population.

"The people who can't lift a Christmas tree, they're depending on the person to come in and put it in their house," she said.

Driggs says one thing the BBB takes exception to is the company's satisfaction guarantee listed on its website. The BBB has asked Five Star Christmas Trees to remove that, and it has asked state regulators to investigate whether or not the company lives up to the claim of guaranteed satisfaction.

Five Star Christmas Trees lists a business address in Murray. The company's owner wrote in an email to Get Gephardt that they deliver "tens of thousands of trees a year," but hit a "shortage issue" this past season. He insisted, "every customer that is due a refund will get it no matter what."

William won't be waiting. He got a refund by disputing the charge with his credit card company for the tree he never received.

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