Nunn's Park, near where girl fell in Provo River, filled with children

    Nunn's Park near where girl fell in Provo River filled with children (Photo: KUTV)

    (KUTV) There were families and children everywhere along the Provo River on Memorial Day, the same day 4-year-old London De Dios fell in the water and disappeared.

    Most Children were guided away from the fast, icy river rapids but for some reason, De Dios and her mother sat very close to the water on some rocks under a small pedestrian bridge when the girl fell in.

    Brenda De Dios went in the water trying to rescue her daughter but died. A "Good Samaritan," who did not know the mother and daughter jumped into to help but also died.

    Christine Nunez from Salt Lake showed up with her 5-year-old daughter Isabella right after the frantic search effort began.

    "It's very tragic and I've Been looking along the banks to see if i can find her cause i could jsut imagine how i would feel if it were my little girl," she said.

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