Ogden man confesses to shooting dog’s eye out; no jail time

Ogden man confesses to shooting dog’s eye out, but gets no jail time. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) - An Ogden man will serve no jail time after he admitted to shooting his neighbor’s dog’s eye out with a B.B. gun.

Judge Hyde sentenced Kim Tibbetts to serve 80 hrs of community service to be served during his 24 months on probation. He also was sentenced to pay restitution for future and past veterinary bills for the dog.

That sentence was not what dog owners Tanya Scott and her son Parris were hoping for.

“I’m very disappointed in the decision today. I think the court didn’t hear our pleas,” said Tanya Scott.

Because of behavior changes in their Belgian Malinois, Neiko, the Scotts believed their neighbor, Kim Tibbetts, shot at the dog for about 9 months.

“It just hurts to see him go through this and nothing be done about it,” Parris Scott said about his dog, who he called his best friend.

The Scott family hoped the judge would sentence Tibbetts to 9 months worth of weekends in jail.

“We don’t want him to lose his job,” Tanya Scott said.

Tibbetts confessed to two class A misdemeanor crimes of animal cruelty.

“I’m sorry for what happened. I wish it hadn’t happened,” the defendant told 2News outside the courtroom.

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