Park users: 'Preserve Dimple Dell Park'

(KUTV) Sandy residents will speak out against the city's plans to alter Dimple Dell Park during a Tuesday night public meeting. They want the park preserved and do not want to see any part of the natural area paved.

"There's not many places you can go with a horse. I can't take my horse to a golf course," said Dimple Dell Preservation Committee member Monica Zoltanski.

She and many other equestrians take advantage of the wood chip trail that runs through the park. Zoltanski also used the trail to train for a half-marathon she recently ran.

"The wood chips are better for runners, better for joints," she said.pre

The City of Sandy and Salt Lake County have funding to now move ahead with plans to enhance the park. They started developing the plan in 2005, which includes $4 million to be spent on paving a three mile stretch of the trail.

"A while ago, one of the needs we identified was to pave the trail and allow it to be more accessible for more users," said Callie Birdsall with the county's parks and recreation department. "It could eventually become a main connector to get people from Bonneville Shoreline Trail to Jordan River Trail."

Sandy resident Colette Engle uses the park with her horses and dog.

"I think it's a huge mistake and a big waste of taxpayer's money," she said of the plan to pave trails.

Engle said Dimple Dell is Sandy's only large, wood-chip path park and the city had many other large parks with paved walkways. Granite Park, which sits on flat land right underneath Dimple Dell, has long paved pathways, facilities, and covered benches and tables.

"Who is the user group whose needs are being unmet that they need to pave a $4 million trail down the middle of this nature preserve?" said Zolanski. "We just don't think it's a good fit. At all."

The County and City of Sandy plan to conduct a poll throughout the southeast planning sector to learn what residents want to see happen to Dimple Dell. They have not set a time frame on when that will happen.

Zoltanski said the Dimple Dell Preservation Committee will also attend the county's Dimple Dell Advisory Board meeting Wednesday to discuss changing the plans to pave Dimple Dell at 2550 E. Dimple Dell Road.

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