Police and family members continue to search for missing American Fork woman

    missing American Fork woman

    (KUTV)- It's been nearly three months since a 24-year-old woman went jogging and vanished in American Fork. Utah County Sheriff's and family members are searching for any clues as to what happened to Jerika Binks.

    “The day that we live in today how can you vanish,” Jed Alvey, her older brother, said.

    A few seconds of surveillance captured what is believed to be Binks jogging in front of the Utah State Developmental Center February 18th, 2018. “She said she was going for a run, we have video evidence of her going for a run and so it's hard, she was being honest about what she was doing,” Alvey said.

    Alvey said Jerika was in a sober house but were doing well. “She's been doing so good, she's been working and living an honest life. She had plans to go purchase a car that next week and then this happened on a Sunday,” he said.

    An avid runner, she went out for a jog around 9am that Sunday morning, leaving with only her cell phone and a bottle of water, but she never returned.

    Sgt. Spencer Cannon, with the Utah County Sheriff’s Office says, “We do believe that we have locked on the direction she was going but beyond that we are still looking for information that might help find her.” He said her cell phone pinged her location to the mouth of the American Fork Canyon, an area she was known to run.

    Sgt. Cannon said foul play has not been ruled out.

    “We don’t have any information telling us that that is the case but when somebody has a routine and that routine falls apart in someway you have to consider the possibility that something bad might have happened,” he said.

    For the family, they are hoping for any information to help find out what happened to Jerika.

    “There's nothing to go off of, and we are asking the public and anybody to help as best as they can. Just want to let her know we love her, we are not giving up on her, and we are going to keep pushing through until we find the results that want,” Alvey said.

    The family is planning a search at the American Fork Canyon, Saturday, April 21.

    Jerika is described as a white female, 5'4", 120lbs, with brown hair and brown eyes.

    There is also a $10,000 reward for information leading to the whereabouts of Jerika or for details that lead to the arrest and conviction of anyone involved with her disappearance.

    If you have information about Jerika's whereabouts, please contact Detective Pratt with the Utah County Sheriff's Office at 801-851-4013, or Utah Valley Dispatch at 801-794-3970.

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