Police arrest fugitive, man who slashed police car tires in Murray

Police arrest fugitive, man who slashed police car tires in Murray. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) — Police arrested Jayce Kane-Fiaui, 28, a fugitive wanted for drug charges in Murray early Wednesday morning.

At 1:45 a.m., the Metro Gang Unit received information that Kane-Fiaui was at a house near 1300 E. 6400 South.

Authorities waited outside the house in unmarked cars. A person then exited the house, approached an officer's vehicle, and slashed the tires.

Police arrested the man and called for backup.

Officers from the Unified Police Department, Murray and Cottonwood Heights responded.

Police then approached the house, and as they did, they heard multiple people hurriedly exiting the house into the back yard.

Containment was set up and K-9's were deployed. Police eventually found four people in a shed behind the house.

Initially those hiding did not want to come out, trying to give police the impression that nobody was in the shed. However, police convinced them to come out with the K-9's.

Kane-Fiaui was arrested along with the suspect who slashed an officer's tires.

Police are looking into whether the other four individuals have warrants or criminal issues.

Two stolen cars were found on the property. Officers also found a gun in the shed.

Police are also waiting on a warrant for the house since they have found several stolen vehicles on the property and suspect that those detained may have tried to ditch evidence.

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