Police ask for help identifying thief who stole $8,000 worth of medical supplies


(KUTV)- On December 17, the Woolley family were up at the White Pine Trail Head in Little Cottonwood Canyon taking family pictures when someone broke into their car and stole $8,000 worth of medical supplies.

“We were away from our car maybe 15 to 20 minutes,” Holly Woolley said. What was supposed to be a happy time for the family quickly turned alarming. “We realized someone had broken into our car and cleared it out,” she said.

But for their youngest son Max, “It made me cry because all the stuff got stolen.”

“Stuff I check my blood with and stuff that gives me insulin,” he said. “We had no way to know where his blood sugar was we had no way to check it we had no way to treat him if he went low or high all of his insulin was gone,” Holly said.

Unified Police believe the suspect was caught on surveillance and went to several stores and charged up the Woolley’s credit cards with more than $2500.

“He attempted to use them right away, which is a common practice among thieves,” Lt. Brain Lohrke, with Unified Police Department, said. “It’s a very sad thing that people get to the point where they are looking to prey on others,” Mark Woolley, Max’s dad, said.

Now the family and Unified Police would like help figuring out who the suspect is, “If they can recover any of our stuff or anyone else’s and prevent him from doing it again,” Holly said.

Fortunately, Max is okay and he now has a new blue back pack, “Some of the stuff we can’t replace, some stuff you can,” he said.

If you have any information on the identity of this suspect we are asking you to call detectives at 801-743-8407.

The professional photographs of the Woolley family in this story were taken by Joanna Taylor Photography.

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