Police investigate video showing Box Elder County 21-year-old throwing a cat

Police investigate video showing Box Elder County 21-year-old throwing a cat

(KUTV)- A video of a Box Elder County man throwing a cat on social media has been causing quite the outrage.

According to the officer report, Kyle Smith, 21, was cited for Animal Cruelty in a Reckless Manner after police saw the video of him hurling a cat into the road.

“There were about 40,000 views on it when I just saw it and that's more than Box Elder County has.” Hayden Wilde, one of the many Box Elder High Seniors that has seen the video, said. “I saw a lot of my friends had been tweeting about it,” he said.

“Oh, geez, is it okay?” Some seniors said shocked as they watched the video for the first time.

Many of Smith's peers said they are a little surprised, “He's a really nice kid,” Taylor Tomlinson, a senior, said.

According to an officer report by the Box Elder County Sheriff's Office, the investigation started after someone reported the video to them. Smith told the deputy it was spur of the moment action, and he wasn't really thinking. He also said his girlfriend was recording on her Snapchat story which he didn't know. The video was then put on Twitter where it has since gone "viral."

Sparking a community outrage, some said the responses Smith has received have gone too far. “It was just a lot of really harsh stuff about the incident, he's still a person and it's still not cool to throw a cat over, but it still not cool to bully someone on internet with harsh words,” Wilde said.

Smith later posted a picture on Twitter saying the cat is okay.

A lot of the kids said these types of things are always a lesson learned. “People are going to be like this is what you did in high school, it follows you forever,” Alexis Koetize, a senior, said.

“Just anything you put on, you can't ever take it away, honestly,” Wilde said.

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