Father of missing Utah teen: 'He needs to be with us, we can’t go on without him'

    Police looking for pickup in connection with missing autistic Utah teen (Photo: KUTV)

    (KUTV) - Police are searching for a newer, blue or black Chevy pickup truck that a witness says may have stopped and picked up 19-year-old Tanner Oblad.

    Oblad is the 19-year-old slightly autistic teen who vanished Wednesday morning.

    Wednesday morning Oblad told his younger sister he was headed to class at the Taylorsville campus of Salt Lake Community College, but, uncharacteristically, Oblad left his phone and wallet behind,

    "He usually has his phone and he usually has his wallet and he usually stays in contact with us all the time,” Tanner’s dad, Adam Oblad said.

    Oblad is a high functioning, autistic teen, but he does need some help with self-care.

    Adam says although Tanner has been dealing with depressive moods in the last several weeks, it is out character for Tanner to just walk off.

    Oblad says his son, is honest to a fault and is a creature of habit, “he always tells us where he’s going he always tells us what he’s doing,” Oblad said.

    One of Oblad’s neighbors told police he saw Tanner get in the pickup truck and drive away.

    For Adam that is terrifying, “if somebody did pick up my son, and it was planned that means that person was talking to my son previously, and who knows what he was telling him. Maybe that’s why my son was going through such a hard time these last couple of weeks,” says Oblad.

    Oblad says his family and police have searched Tanner's phone and his internet history but says there are no clues that someone has been in contact with his son.

    Meanwhile, Adam is pleading with whoever may be with his son, to bring him home, “ he’s meant to be with us please bring him home. He needs to be with us, we can’t go on without him,” says Oblad.

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