Police make three arrests in homicide of South Jordan father of four

    Police make three arrests in homicide of South Jordan father of four. (Photo: Salt Lake County Jail)

    UPDATE Jan. 20, 2019 1:20 p.m. -- The mugshot for Jessica Miller was not obtained until Sunday afternoon after the discovery that she was filed under a different name: Jessica Louise Reese.

    Salt Lake City police have announced three arrests in the death of David Stokoe.

    31-year-old Manuel Velasquez, 30-year-old Diana Hernandez, and 38-year-old Jessica Miller were all arrested by police in connection to Stokoe's death, who was thought to have died of a gunshot wound Thursday night.

    Velasquez is facing the most serious charges, including murder, and other related homicide charges in Stokoe's death.

    Hernandez and Miller are both facing obstruction of justice charges for their involvement in Stokoe's death.

    It's unclear how Miller and Hernandez were reportedly involved, according to police.

    Stokoe was reported missing on Friday, and his vehicle was later found. His body was found Friday night by police.

    Police say it took them time to find Stokoe's remains because his body was disposed of in a hidden, or secret space in the home where he died, according to police.

    It's believed Stokoe, who is a landlord, had an argument with tenets about rent which ultimately resulted in his death on Thursday night from a gunshot wound.

    Velasquez has a prior criminal history.

    In 2008 and 2015, he pleaded guilty to attempted theft charges.

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