Police: Missing Utah woman spotted in St. George

Police: Missing Utah woman spotted in St. George (Photo: DJ Bolerjack/ KUTV)

(KUTV)- Camille West, 37-years-old, had not been seen or heard from since Jan. 30 until she was recently spotted in southern Utah.

“We’ve gotten some reports that she has been seen around town, so if she is here in town we just encourage her to reach out to her family and let them know she’s okay.” Lona Trombley, Spokesperson for the St. George police department said.

Camille’s father, Stephen West, doesn’t understand why Camille hasn't contacted her family or her little boy.

“We can’t imagine that she would have stayed in contact with everybody, all her friends, all her known friends and all of her family. She cares about each one of them, particularly her little boy. It’s inconceivable that this, by her choice, would be how she behaves at this point,” West said.

Police say there’s been no sign of foul play in Camille’s disappearance so far but the fact that she just up and left like that is concerning.

“She’s an adult, I think that maybe sometimes we’re adults we don’t realize that dropping off contact is a major cause of concern,” Trombley said. Even though Camille is still a missing person, police and the family are still spreading the word hoping Camille will come back home.

“We’re really full of angst and anxiety to find out if Cami is okay. We’re really worried. Her family, her friends, she’s got a little boy who misses her extremely,” West said.

Police have released these descriptions of Camille West:

  • 37-years-old
  • 5’4’’
  • 134 lbs.

The family says Camille styles her hair with a pixie cut and charges her hair color frequently.

If you see Camille, you’re asked to call St. George Police Department at 435-627-4300 (Case No. 18P003147)

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