Police search for owner of 1,000s of valuable comics, coins, cards

Police search for owner of 1,000s of valuable comics, coins, cards. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Salt Lake City Police found thousands of valuable baseball cards, comic books and coins during a burglary investigation in Marmalade last year. They are now searching for the owner of the collection.

Police said they found the items at a different location but on the same property as where other stolen items were found, in the neighborhood of 400 North 400 West in Salt Lake City. That burglary investigation led to the arrest of three people. Police believed those people had nothing to do with the stolen collectibles.

Det. Greg Wilking said the owner of the home had no idea he was harboring stolen property.

"We had a homeowner who was allowing people to stay at their home. As they were doing that, they were bringing stolen items to the home,” said Wilking. “Likely, these items were from a burglary and were stashed there.”

Police found the items, including a collection of pennies, comic books, and baseball cards, hidden in a large black chest under a tarp in the man’s yard.

They hope the owner will recognize these missing items and come to claim them.

“I would like to get these items back to their rightful owner,” said Wilking.

SLCPD is using this event to remind people to catalogue their belongings. Take pictures, write descriptions, and record serial numbers of items with emotional or financial value.

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