Police identify persons of interest after man assaulted at Jackalope Lounge

Police seek help finding persons of interest after man assaulted at Jackalope Lounge (Photo: SLC police

UPDATE: According to SLC Police Facebook page, police have identified all parties involved in the bar fight. Stated in the post, police would like to note, "that some people in this photo, including both females, were only witnesses to (and not suspects of) the assault."

Further details have not been released.

(KUTV)- Salt Lake Police department need help identifying 5 people that were involved in a fight at the Jackalope Lounge Saturday evening.

According to police, the fight took place inside the bar near the "back area" around 9:30 PM at 372 South State Street in Salt Lake City.

According to a youcaring page, the assault victim, Todd Snyder, was out with friends when he saw an intoxicated female being "escorted" into the men's bathroom by 2 men who were holding her arms, and followed by 2 or 3 other men.

"She showed obvious signs that she did not want to go with them. They barricaded the woman inside the bathroom with them and stood against the door so no one could get in," the page stated.

The youcaring page explains how Snyder tried to get the woman out of the bathroom, but the men inside opened the door and proceeded to beat him up.

Snyder suffered a broken nose, cheek, and a jaw during the assault, and had extensive surgery to have his jaw wired shut.

The suspects are still at large, and police have released these descriptions of the people involved:

  • First female adult with blonde hair wearing a pink jacket and a grey sweatshirt with the word “Love” written in pink lettering.
  • Second female adult with blonde hair wearing a black shirt and black pants.
  • First male adult wearing a grey and white baseball cap with sunglasses on cap, and a G.I. Joe grey hooded sweatshirt.
  • Second male adult wearing a black beanie cap with a grey hooded sweatshirt and a goatee.
  • Third male adult is bald with a goatee and is wearing a grey and black zip-up jacket.

If you have any information or can identify these people, please contact the SLCPD.

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