Popular Utah teacher jailed for alleged sexual abuse of student in the classroom

Kyle Hill

(KUTV) -- A popular third grade teacher was arrested and booked into jail for allegedly sexually abusing one of his own students. Police say it happened inside the classroom while the rest of the kids were at recess. Jail documents say Kyle Hill, 33, also visited the boy’s home.

Hill was taken into custody ten minutes before school got out on Monday afternoon at Endeavor Hall Charter School in West Valley City according to the school’s principal.

“He was a great teacher. Students loved him, our community loved him,” Principal Simon Raubenheimer said. “What I want to tell our community is that we absolutely take great pride in the fact that we hire teachers who are licensed qualified individuals ... certainly no red flags, nothing to indicate that he shouldn’t be hired.”

According to jail documents, the grooming of the relationship started back in September with Hill asking the boy to show him his underwear.

In return there would be a variety of rewards.

“Candy and little erasers and things like that,” Lt. Kent Stokes with the West Valley City Police Department said, explaining the rewards.

According to documents, that later turned into a variety of nude photos taken in different positions and inappropriate touching of the boy’s private parts. Hill allegedly confessed to police that this did take place.

“We are talking about, on its face value, child pornography absolutely,” Stokes said.

The fear is that there may be other victims because Hill taught at Endeavor Hall for three years and also taught as a student teacher at Timpanogas Elementary School in Provo before that.

“Of course we would hope not, but we just want to make sure that we are crossing our Ts and dotting our Is,” Stokes said.

Parents who have kids in Hill’s class were devastated about the news saying he was an outstanding teacher who was always helping students to feel better about themselves.

“I’m just shocked. I wouldn’t have suspected this,” said Jessica who’s daughter is in Hill’s class. “She’s got a really close bond with this teacher.”

Jessica was checking her daughter out of school saying she wanted to have a talk with her about what happened to her teacher and to make sure nothing happened between her child and Hill.

Another parent who didn’t want to give her name to 2News also was planning the same talk with her son.

“That is definitely something we are going to talk about today,” said the mother. “He’s a wonderful teacher. He showed so much support for my son.”

Police served a search warrant at Hill’s home in Provo where neighbors were also shocked to hear about the allegations. Neighbors say Hill lived with his wife and the two didn’t have children.

“I would have never guessed this would have ever happened,” said one neighbor.

Hill faces one count of aggravated sexual abuse of a child and ten counts of sexual exploitation of a child.

Endeavor Hall said Hill has been fired from his job.

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