2News obtains proposed contract to bail out Utah GOP

Proposed contract that could wipe out debt for Utah Republican Party

(KUTV)- A deal to bail out the Utah Republican Party’s $400,000 legal debt may be getting closer.

2News has a contract proposal offered by Entrata CEO Dave Bateman, who is willing---apparently with the help of other donors---to wipe out the red ink, and finance an ongoing legal fight against SB 54, the law that gives Republican candidates the option of collecting signatures to get on the ballot, instead of going through the party convention.

But the party would only the get the money, if the legal battle continues.

In the proposal, Bateman wants to “negotiate” on “outstanding legal debt” before he pays law firms money for work already done. So rather than $400,000, he could reach a settlement for a lower figure.

He would also “pay, directly or indirectly, all future litigation expenses” on SB54.

The contract would also give Bateman a way to be paid back, if the party wins and recoups legal fees, contractually identified as “future reimbursements.”

In a letter to GOP activists, Bateman said he sent his latest offer to GOP Chair Rob Anderson’s attorney two days before Christmas, and is “anxious” for a reply.

Anderson, reached by 2News, said he responded to Bateman on Saturday.

“I don’t see any reason why we can’t come to an agreement,” he said, adding he felt the party and Bateman are “really close.”

His comments follow a session by the party’s State Central Committee a couple of weeks ago, in which members voted to give Anderson until January 12 to reach a deal with Bateman and the cash-strapped party, or some of them would take over negotiations, in effect going around the party leader.

In addition to his own money, Bateman said he has commitments from "various donors" to fund GOP operating expenses.

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