Provo man charged with possession/distribution of marijuana, MDMA

Michael Boyd Mug Shot (Photo: Utah County Sheriff's Office)

(KUTV) -- 24-year-old Michael Boyd was arrest Saturday on suspicion of possession and distribution of marijuana and MDMA, commonly known as "Molly."

Boyd has been arrested several times before on drug and alcohol related charges.

According to a probable cause statement from the Utah County Sheriff's Department, a sheriff's deputy approached a car which he described as "suspicious" parked in the corner of a parking lot at Footprinter Park in Provo.

The deputy approached the vehicle, which driven by Boyd, to tell him and a passenger that the park was closed.

The deputy smelled marijuana coming from the car and told Boyd to exit the vehicle.

The officer states the Boyd initially refused before he and the unnamed passenger got out of the car.

The deputy says he noticed a bag of marijuana on the floor and seat of the car. In the center console, the deputy says he found "dab," a marijuana concentrate, as well as 15 pills which turned out to be MDMA after lab tests were done.

The deputy also says he found $401 in cash as well as scales and other drug paraphernalia.

Boyd was arrested and booked into the Utah County Jail on six charges:

  • Possession of controlled substance marijuana/spice, a class B misdemeanor
  • Two charges of possession with intent to distribute, both second degree felonies
  • Driving on a suspended/revoked license, a class C misdemeanor
  • Use or possession of drug paraphernalia, a class B misdemeanor
  • Driving with measurable controlled substance, a class B misdemeanor

Utah County Sheriffs say Boyd tested positive for THC, methamphetamine, amphetamine and cocaine.

You can read the entire probable cause statement below.

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