Provo photographer accused of sexually abusing boys on photo shoots

Provo photographer accused of sexually abusing boys on photo shoots (Police Photo)

(KUTV)- A Provo photographer is in the Utah County Jail, accused of sexually abusing three teenage boys, and an 18-year-old, on photo shoots over the last several months.

Police said Kyle Navarrete told the boys they needed to to be photographed in their underwear to further their modeling careers.

Then, it's alleged he touched them, and in one case, performed another sex act on a minor.

"It was quite a shock when all this happened," said a woman who lives at a Salt Lake home, where Navarrete was arrested this week. I mean, I didn't really know what was going on. He kind of filled me in that he was in a little bit of trouble."

She said he told her he needed a place to stay, but in less than 24 he was under arrest. She did not want to be identified, and has no connection to the alleged illicit behavior.

"He was a sweet man," said the woman. "You know my family thought a lot of him, they got to know him...and they loved him."

A Utah County talent agency owner is "pretty shocked" by the allegations, and said the Screen Actors Guild requires a trusted adult, other than the photographer, be in the room when photos are taken of anybody younger than 18.

"About a week ago, I had a mother who is sending her daughter on a job, and wanted to know if it was okay to leave her 7 year old on set by herself, drop her off and leave," Prather recounted. "I just looked at her and said, 'Absolutely not.'"

She said Navarrete did not work for her and she doesn't know him. She recommended parents do their own research on photographers, is said she's very selective on who takes photos for her firm.

"If I don't feel that my people will be safe, or I don't know know them (photographers) well enough, where I can't get enough information on them, I will not send my people out," Prather said. "I protect my talent."

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