Provo police chief asked to resign after allegations of sexual assault

Provo police chief asked to resign after allegations of sexual assault (Photo: KUTV)

WATCH LIVE: Provo City addresses resignation of former Police Chief John King after sexual assault allegations.

(KUTV) – Provo's police chief did not resign solely to more spend more time with family, but in fact was asked to step down by the mayor after being accused of sexual assault.

According to Provo Deputy Mayor Corey Norman, a woman went to Mayor John Curtis in February accusing then-Police Chief John King of sexually assaulting her.

Norman told 2News the mayor immediately reported the allegations to the Utah County Attorney's Office, which then forwarded them on to the Salt Lake County District Attorney to avoid any conflict of interest. The Unified Police Department conducted the investigation.

While the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office ultimately declined to proceed with charges against King, Norman said the investigation yielded "enough red flags" for Curtis to ask for the chief's resignation. He tendered that on Monday.

The Provo Police Department said at the time that King stepped down in order to spend more time with his family back east. Norman said King still plans to return there to care for his sick mother and other family members.

King had served as police chief in Provo since January 2014. He has also worked as the chief of police in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Norman did not elaborate on the concerns posed by the investigation that led Curtis to ask for the police chief's resignation, but he said more information would be given Thursday morning.

2News called King's residence Wednesday evening, but a family member said he was not home and unavailable to comment.

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