Provo Power's 77-year-old smokestacks come toppling down

Photo: Tom Chamberlain / KUTV

(KUTV) Provo Power's 77-year-old smokestacks came crashing down Sunday morning.

The towers, built in the 1940s, have been out of commission for the last two decades, and on Sunday, were removed from the Utah County skyline.

Around 7 a.m., the explosives detonated and brought down the two towers, which collapsed like falling trees.

Provo Power is moving toward using cleaner forms of energy production and the stacks were no longer needed. More urgently, studies also showed the towers would have likely collapsed during an earthquake.

In the weeks leading up to the demolition, crews built scaffolds around the towers to remove dangerous asbestos. When that process was complete the scaffolds were removed to make way for demolition.

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