Racist meme shows up on Utah online ad for firewood


(KUTV)- A Hooper, Utah, man got a shock while looking for wood beams to help build a barn.

He came across an ad, with the headline, firewood/wood beams, but instead of a picture of wood, it included a racist meme that read, “How to protect your watermelon farm.” The words were paired a picture of a scarecrow dressed as a member of the Ku Klux Klan, in a watermelon patch.

The man who found the ad says he was incredibly offended.

“I just started thumbing through it and all of a sudden that showed up, it was like, I cannot believe this,” the man said.

We spoke with the man who placed the ad, he said the meme was his, but that he never intended to post the picture. He says the meme was sent to him by a friend, and he claims he is not racist.

“I didn't realize that was on there I was just trying to sell my firewood,” Hunter told reporter Chris Jones on the phone Monday night.

The picture was posted on KSL Classifieds 11 days ago, and had been viewed by 109 people, but it appears no one notified the classified website, or called Hunter to complain about it.

We reached out to KSL today, but have not heard back from them.

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