Rare DeLorean catches fire at Utah Rite-Aid

Rare DeLorean catches fire (Photo: Daryl Kemsley)

(KUTV) - A Utah man's rare DeLorean was destroyed Saturday when it caught fire shortly after being rear-ended.

Daryl Kemsley was driving in Orem when he was rear-ended.

He pulled into a nearby Rite-Aid parking lot right before the car burst into flames.

Kemsley says he went into the Rite-Aid to get a fire extinguisher but says he was refused.

"Not only did they not help us we needed a fire extinguisher they weren't trained on using it. They kick us out at this point, [and] my dream car is completely in flames, it's ruined and I'm sitting on the curb with my girlfriend just crying," Kemsley said.

He says his car is a total loss.

No word on what made it catch fire.

KUTV reached out to Rite-Aid to get their side of the story, and we have not heard back.

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