Red Sand Project brings awareness about human sex trafficking to Utah

Red Chalk Project brings awareness about human sex trafficking to Utah. (Photo: Lisa Nico/KUTV)

(KUTV) Happening now at the Utah State Capitol Building -- a movement to bring awareness about human sex trafficking.

It's a movement that started in New York called the Red Sand Project.

The project has come to Utah at a great time with the legislative session starting next week. And right now, you can see this red sand that's being used to bring attention to the issue of human sex trafficking right here.

Backyard Broadcast helped organize this event. They poured sand on the cracks of the sidewalk at the capitol to bring awareness to all those vulnerable youth who have "fallen through the cracks."

It's estimated some 100,000 American youths are at risk for trafficking.

Terry Palmer with the organization says homeless youth are some of the most vulnerable.

"They will engage in something called survivor sex so they will use their body as a commodity," Palmer said. "They will use sex as a commodity and then once they start to do that they become very vulnerable to traffickers and pimps."

Palmer says it's something that happens more than you might think. In fact, her family recently experienced it during an experiement the organization did.

"My daughter was almost taken by a man," he says. "Not in a forceful way, but a man who offered her a place to stay, something to eat. When he drove away, we followed his car. His car had no visible markings on it and we were told he was probably a trafficker."

Representative Angela Romero, D-Salt Lake City, is sponsoring a couple bills during the upcoming 2016 Utah Legislative Session, to help combat human sex trafficking.

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