Refugee Justice League introduces "Refugee Rights Card"

    Refugee Justice League introduces "Refugee Rights Card" (Photo: Mike Stephen / KUTV)

    (KUTV) A local non-profit group is working to help refugees in the state learn their constitutional rights.

    The Refugee Justice League, made up of state lawyers and leaders, has created what it calls a Refugee Rights Card to distribute among new, refugee arrivals.

    The wallet-sized card serves to inform law enforcement that the card-holder has representation, and inform the card-holder of his and her constitutional rights.

    On one side, the card features the holder's photograph, language expressing the person is represented by the Refugee Justice League, the League's contact information and expiration date.

    On the other side, the card has the following information:

    For the officer:

    1. I am represented by an attorney.
    2. I will not speak with you without my attorney present.
    3. You do not have my permission to enter my home or to search my vehicle or belongings without a warrant with my name on it signed by a judge.

    For the refugee:

    1. Tell the officer your name and address.
    2. If the officer does not follow the instructions on this card, stay calm and follow the officer's commands.
    3. Do not resist.

    They will be distributed immediately, but the Refugee Justice League is still accepting donations to help produce the cards.

    You can find more information at

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