Rep. Bishop compares Trump to Pres. Obama

(KUTV) SALT LAKE CITY -- Utah Congressman Rob Bishop says he has big worries about a potential Donald Trump presidency.

He fears the current GOP frontrunner will become a go-it-alone leader, just like President Barack Obama.

"The thing I dislike most about our current President Barack Obama is that he does everything by executive order," Rep. Bishop says. "As I listen to Donald Trump, it sounds like he would do things by executive order. He would be more conservative, but still by executive order."

Rep. Bishop says no one else in the republican field worries him the way Trump does.

Rep. Bishop has endorsed Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a former state legislator. Bishop says Rubio believes in checks and balances.

"Rubio was speaker of a house of representatives and I trust anyone who was speaker of the house in a state legislature," Bishop says. "He understands how heavily the Federal Government leans on the states."

Rep. Bishop was also a former house speaker, presiding over the Utah House of Representatives before he was elected to Congress.

He says both he and Rubio have benefited from that experience.

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