Man with 200 reptiles and wild animals, evicted again

Man, and his 200 reptiles and wild animals, evicted again

(KUTV) The man who has rescued thousands of reptiles in Utah is again being evicted.

Jim Dix, has been rescuing reptiles and wild mammals for 43 years.

Dix, the 200 reptiles and caged wild animals he has rescued, have been renting space in a Commercial Business Complex, the Mountain View Plaza, in Farr West for eight weeks.

Dix told 2News his landlord received numerous complaints that his four security dogs were barking.

Dix has two dogs stand guard outside and two aggressive dogs inside ready to attack an intruder.

The Mountain View Plaza houses many businesses including: a restaurant, lawnmower and landscaping company, and a daycare.

Officials at the daycare reportedly expressed their concerns about the close proximity of the Utah Reptile Rescue Service.

Dix's landlord said it was time for Dix and the animals to leave.

An eviction notice was served and Dix said he was informed State Officials would arrive Wednesday to remove the wild animals and ship them out of state.

Dix has, in his care, coyotes, foxes, wolves, raccoons, alligators, tortoises, exotic birds, reptiles and snakes - some of which are venomous.

"I pay for a generator to run all day, so that I can maintain the appropriate temperature needed for these animals," Dix said. "I sleep upstairs, but now I have to leave. I am getting sick of moving."

This will be Dix's fifth move with his reptiles and mammals.

Dix was forced out of his West Valley home four years ago by the Department of Transportation in order to make way for the Mountain View Corridor Transit Project.

Since then, Dix and the reptiles and mammals have lived in Delta, Delle, Kaysville and Farr West.

He has now been evicted twice.

"None of the shelters in Utah are equipped to take care of snakes," Dix said. "So they send them to me."

Dix rescues about 3,000 animals - mainly reptiles - each year.

"Reptiles need saving too," Dix said. "I have promised people I will take care of their turtles or lizards - when they have moved into an apartment that won't allow pets. I send those folks pictures of their lizards and take care of them until they are in a place to take them again."

Law enforcement use the reptiles Dix has rescued for law enforcement training and educational purposes.

Dix also volunteers the reptiles and mammals to educate those teens being held at the Wasatch Youth Center low security correctional facility.

On the Utah Reptile Rescue Service Facebook Page, there is a petition written to West Valley City Mayor Ron Bigelow. The petition is asking that Dix's Reptile Rescue Mission be allowed to relocate to the old West Valley Animal Shelter located at 4100 South and 7200 West.

The petition can be found here.

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