Riverdale residents riled up over landslide problem

Riverdale residents riled up over landslide problem (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) - Riverdale residents are fired up over an issue that has been going on now for months.

At tonight's council meeting they took the podium one by one, addressing the council on a landslide problem that started back in November.

Now a number of homes have been evacuated as they sit perched on the edge of a cliff.

At the bottom of the hill, at least one other property is thousands of dollars in the hole and trying daily to minimize damage.

Council members voted unanimously at the meeting to officially declare this an emergency situation.

That is the first step toward getting state and federal funding to help fix the damage. But the chances of seeing any money are slim.

The mayor saying state assistance comes when at least 25 houses are affected, for federal it's 100 houses.

The mayor also revealed during the meeting that the council has considered demolishing the houses at the top but says that hasn't happened due to pushback from residents.

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