Road crews install temporary fix after I-15 double tanker explosion

Road crews install temporary fix after I-15 double tanker explosion. (Photo: Matt Gephardt)

(KUTV) — Road crews began to install an asphalt patch on I-15 early Friday morning after a double tanker exploded on the freeway. The temporary fix is expected to relieve traffic congestion until a more permanent solution can be realized.

Two southbound lanes on I-15 will be closed Friday and Saturday, according to UDOT, as they repair damage the double tanker explosion.

The lane closures will be in place between 6900 S. and 7500 South. The freeway is five lanes wide in this area, including the HOV lane.

The HOV lane will be open to all traffic (and will be free) between 5400 S. and 9000 South.

Heavy delays are expected Friday evening.

Drivers are asked to consider alternate routes, such as State Street and Bangerter Highway. UDOT is reportedly working on signal timing for those roads with hopes of improving traffic flow.

A winter storm is expected to hit the area on Friday evening, which was expected to make traffic congestion worse.

To address this matter, road crews were mobilized Friday morning to set down an asphalt patch. According to UDOT, this asphalt patch will hold for "the next few days until [we] can make a more permanent fix."

UDOT does not expect Friday evening's commute to be adversely impacted. According to UDOT, all lanes will be open if everything goes according to plan.

However, it is not yet certain whether all lanes will be open in time for Friday morning's commute.

If lanes are still closed while crews are placing the asphalt patch, the HOV lane will be open and free for the morning.

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