Salt Lake City, Lyft, GREENbike, UTA challenge residents to ‘Ditch Your Car’ for 30 days

Salt Lake City and Lyft announced a program Wednesday called, "Ditch Your Car." (Photo: Mike Stephen / KUTV)

(KUTV) -- Salt Lake City and Lyft announced a program Wednesday called, "Ditch Your Car."

The program offers more than $400 in transportation credit to people who give up their cars for 30 days from October 8 to November 6 in favor of getting Lyft rides, GREENbike and a Hive Pass for UTA bus, Trax and S-Line streetcar services.

“Salt Lake City is constantly looking for ways to give residents more affordable transportation choices, especially ones that reduce emissions and improve our air quality,” stated Mayor Jackie Biskupski, in a press release “We hope this partnership with Lyft will show it is possible to get around Salt Lake City without owning a car.”

Salt Lake City residents can register at to receive credit towards Lyft, GREENbike and Hive Pass.

It costs an estimated $9,000 each year, on average, to own and operate a car. The Hive Pass is $42 for one month of unlimited trips on the UTA bus, TRAX and streetcar services, the release said.

An annual membership for GREENBike is $75. GREENbike Founder & Executive Director Ben Bolte said in a prepared statement that people can save money by using the public bike and transit system:

GREENbike has prevented 3.6 million pounds of CO2 from entering our air, removed 3.9 million vehicle miles from local roads, while burning 60 million calories in the process. We’re thrilled to be able to partner with Lyft and Salt Lake City on this fantastic program. Thanks to our title sponsor, SelectHealth, we’re able to donate passes to dozens of programs like these every year.

How it works:

1.Sign up at Fifty (50) people will be randomly selected to participate.

2.Once chosen for the challenge, check your email for details of the program (including transportation credits).

3.Transportation credits include Lyft, GREENbike and Hive Pass for UTA transit to get around the city for one month.

a.$300 Lyft credits

b.$42 monthly Hive Pass

c.$75 GREENbike annual pass

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