Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder named Moab's next Chief of Police

Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder named Moab's next Chief of Police (File photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder has been named Moab’s next Chief of Police, according to a statement by the Moab City Manager David Everitt.

Tuesday, Winder named personal and professional reasons for the early departure.

"It was serendipitous," described the sheriff during a press conference. "We can refocus on that which is important, and that is family."

He also said losing so many of his fellow brothers in the line of duty this past term was extremely troubling.

"Seeing these tragedies and the effects it's had on this department changed me," Winder said tearfully. "It changed me, it changed me a great deal going though that particular situation. I've had number of issues in this organization which affected me very, very deeply."

Winder talked about political tensions with Salt Lake City officials preventing his proposals involving homelessness and jails from going through.

"Whether it's my plan or their plan move it forward because we have real issues that are affecting the whole county."

Winder planned to recommend someone to take over his position to the County Democrats, who will submit a name to county commissioners for approval. He said he had already talked to the person about the position and said it was someone who was familiar with his proposals and would focus on the issues, not getting elected next term.

"Up here, we need some forward movement. Put someone in here that's going to make the trains run on time. And let whatever candidates put forward their prospective agenda over the next few months and let the citizens decide."

He hoped his experience managing law enforcement in Utah's capitol county would help him forward Moab as it continues to grow.

"There are so many things that come with this dynamic growth that really excite me. They are on the cusp of making some real decisions and some real directional changes."

Winder released a statement ahead of Tuesday's press conference.

“Moab is a place I’ve visited and admired for many years,” Winder said. “It’s a dynamic environment with many challenges and opportunities ahead. I am excited to work with the fine men and women of the Moab City Police Department as well as the Mayor and Council for many years to come."

2News first broke the news Moab was considering Winder for the position May 18th when former undersheriff for Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder Beau Babka confirmed to 2News that he had been consulted by officials about Winder.

In his statement released Tuesday, Moab City Manager David Everitt said Winder "brings a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and energy to the position of Chief."

The Moab City Council will consider the appointment in June. If confirmed, Winder could leave his post within 60 days.

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