Salt Lake restaurant closed for 39 health violations, including mouse droppings


(KUTV) The Salt Lake County Health Department closed a restaurant in South Salt Lake due to numerous health hazards, which included animal droppings on plates and other locations.

According to the health department, Wa Me House, located at 285 East 2700 South, was closed October 17.

The 39 listed violations included mouse droppings on the water heater, floor, plates and ware-washing machine as well as “a significant amount of mice feces throughout the facility.”

There were also issues with food being stored in improper places, including food that was stored beneath raw chicken and other food stored in garbage cans or on the floor of a walk-in freezer.

The full list of violations as provided by the Health Department is below. The restaurant could re-open if the operators address the issues and pass another inspection.

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