Sand Hollow State Park dealing with growing danger within the water

Sand Hollow State Park dealing with growing danger within the water (Photo: DJ Bolerjack)

(KUTV) A growing danger is lurking its way onto the shore and in the water of a popular southern Utah reservoir, Sand Hollow State Park.

Large amounts of glass bottles and shattered glass is being found in the park. Rangers have had to close down one of the most popular spots within the park, The Jumping Rocks, to clean up what is being left behind by visitors.

Ranger and Assistant Manager of the park, Darren Tucker, tells 2News this could cause some serious injuries to people.

"The problem with that is there’s a lot of people over here that understandably enjoy jumping off the rocks, playing around, sun tanning and that presents a very big problem for people. Stepping on it, laying in the glass, because often times on the sand stone it'll be broken." Tucker said.

Already some visitors have suffered deep cuts and agitated skin and that is something Tucker doesn’t want visitors to have to deal with.

“Aesthetically it's just a huge eye sore,” Tucker said.

“It's very sad that it's gotten to that point, everybody wants to enjoy it. It's just that handful of troublemakers that makes it that way for everyone."

Underwater cleanup projects have become an annual thing at the park, and with the lack of personnel monitoring the thousands that visit the park on a yearly basis, a new texting help hotline will soon be set up for the public and rangers.

“It'll be a texting line,” Tucker said.

"Those text messages will allow rangers to find the perpetrator quicker and hopefully put some fear into those who are breaking bottles."

"Once it's cleaned, people are less inclined to be that first person to throw something in the lake, drop something, carve something in the rocks.” Tucker said.

2News spoke to some mothers who were very concerned after finding multiple shards of glass and bottle caps on the beach their kids were playing on. Hear what they had to say in the news story above.

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