Sandy chief disagrees with his firing, but will not appeal

Kevin Thacker (File photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) —Ousted Sandy police chief Kevin Thacker will "accept" his dismissal from Mayor Kurt Bradburn, but made clear to 2News what he thinks of his termination.

"The mayor has the right to dismiss me as an appointed employee," Thacker said. "I don't agree with his decision but will accept it as part of my contract."

His statement came after a news conference at Sandy City Hall, in which Bradburn said city leaders had received a report from "outside legal counsel" on Thacker.

"There were multiple corroborating individuals, who witnessed Chief Thacker engage in inappropriate touching and unprofessional conduct with employees," Bradburn said. "The report determined this behavior led to a negative working environment in the police department."

The mayor said the allegations stretch back several years, that Thacker had been "cautioned" about his actions, but the conduct continued.

Bradburn would not talk about specifics, nor reveal the number of people who complained, and he did not release the report.

That may raise questions on what "inappropriate touching" means. Were there pats on the back, unwanted hugs, or something more?

2News has requested the report from the Sandy City Recorder's Office and the city attorney.

Thacker spent most of, if not his entire police career in Sandy. At one time, he was the department's public information officer, interacting often with the media.

When asked about the chief's effectiveness, Bradburn suggested his time in office — less than four months —was not long enough for him to form an opinion.

Others have spoken highly of the ex-chief.

The mayor said the investigation began after he learned of the allegations several weeks ago. The police department's number two official will now run the agency, at least for now.

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