Sandy couple shot, wife fatally; unidentified shooter remains at large

    Maureen Fiore-Webster and Jeff Webster

    (KUTV) — Police in Sandy, Utah, spent Tuesday night and all day Wednesday looking for the person who shot a couple in Sandy, killing a woman and critically injuring her husband.

    Police said although the killer had not been found, there was no danger to the general public.

    Maureen Fiore-Webster, 36, died in the shooting. Her husband, 38-year-old Jeff Webster, was critically injured and remains in the hospital.

    Police said Jeff Webster is the key witness but was not in any condition to talk to police yet.

    Sgt. Jason Nielsen with Sandy Police Department, said officers were alerted to the shooting by an alarm that went off in the victims' house on Tuesday around 10 p.m.

    "Thankfully the alarm did go off and possibly saved this gentleman's life, allowing first responders to get there," Nielsen said.

    Police followed leads but didn't know whether the killer is a man or woman.

    Right after the shooting, neighbors worried for Jeff Webster's young son, who lives part time with the couple.

    Officers determined the boy was not at the couple's house the night of the shooting and wasn't in danger.

    The shooting put the neighbors on edge as police searched house to house for a suspect on Tuesday night and then stayed in the neighborhood Wednesday.

    Altara Elementary was put on a shelter-in-place status, meaning visitors were forced to check in with the school before being allowed inside.

    Jeff Haney, spokesman for the Canyons School District said the school was locked out of an abundance of caution given the search for the suspect.

    The Websters' son attends that school.

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