School closures proposed in Ogden

School closures proposed in Ogden. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Ogden School District is now considering closing schools after voters turned down a $106 million bond last November.

They are also considering a lease revenue bond or asking voters to approve another bond to replace and rebuild schools.

The board proposed several scenarios, but all of them involved shutting down the deteriorating Gramercy Elementary School.

“Why put money into something that’s been remodeled in the last 10 years? Why not do it to a school that needs it?” Debra Jeske, a mom, told 2News.

Students we spoke with weren’t happy about the possibility of going to a new school.

“If they’re closing down the school, some teachers don’t know what to do,” said 7 year old Jiliann.

District spokesperson Jer Bates said funding wasn’t the only reason why the school could close. They’ve also seen a 3% decrease in attendance from last year.

“We lost about 400 students. That’s roughly the size of one of our smaller elementary students,” Bates said. “How small can we let schools get and still justify keeping them open?”

The School Board wanted to hear opinions from the public at their upcoming meetings February 15th and March 4th.

For more information, visit the Ogden School Board’s website:

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