Service will let Amazon deliver right into your home, even when you aren't there

Service will let Amazon deliver right into your home, even when you aren't there (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Say goodbye to those orange door hangers. Amazon is expanding into new territory—through your front door.

Salt Lake is one of 37 cities the online retail giant picked to launch the service.

Amazon Prime customers can allow access for deliveries and services into their home using Amazon Key, a digital lock system that grants temporary access to the people you approve. Customers will need to purchase and install special hardware at a cost of roughly $250.

Some local service providers said they’ll also benefit from the company’s new technology.

Jaron Hall owns a growing housekeeping business, Utah Maids. He said housekeepers can gain access to their client’s property three ways: by key, by code, or by alternative access through an unlocked door.

“They can give us a key to their home that we hold onto, which isn’t my preferred method because we have to keep track of it,” Hall said. “Something like Amazon Key is helpful because it alerts the customer when we’re getting to the home, when we leave, and it comes with a camera, too, so it can film the whole thing.”

His staff agree, Amazon Key will help them feel more safe and secure.

“I definitely feel more comfortable having a key or a code, especially for a regular customer. But if it’s a one-time customer and the door’s just unlocked, it’s kind of sketchy,” staffer Eliese Hayes said. “For this job, yeah it’s something that would be very nice because I won’t have to worry about locking the door afterwards and the homeowner doesn’t have to worry about when I’m coming or if it’s going to be unlocked for a while. So that would be way nice.

“For me working a job like this, it’s definitely an added layer of security for me.”

Amazon Prime customer Terry Anderson was looking forward to using Amazon Key in time for the holidays.

“With all the packages and everything getting stolen going into the holidays, I think it’s a fantastic option for customers and those of us who don’t want to stay home all day waiting for our packages,” he said. “I wouldn’t have a problem with someone opening a door and dropped off a package.”

He said he would shoulder the one-time cost for the sense of security.

“Two hundred and fifty dollars is worth it. To save all those packages, to not worry about them disappearing.”

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