Seven Peaks Water Park off the venue list for Pass of All Passes

Seven Peak Water Park in Provo is in jeopardy of not opening this season because of legal issues. As a result, it’s been taken off the “Pass of All Passes” venue list. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) -- Utah County’s most popular water park is in jeopardy of not opening this season because of legal issues. As a result, it’s been taken off the “Pass of All Passes” venue list.

Seven Peak Water Park in Provo is one of the most popular attractions on the list of venues to chose from on the Pass of All Passes.

Losing the water park is a huge blow to pass holders. 2News spoke with some of those people. They say their main reason for getting the pass is because of Seven Peaks Water Park.

“It makes me sad. We go many times through the summer and that’s one of our favorite things to do, and I’m sad it’s not going to happen this year,” said Renee Geslison, who has five passes for her family.

“I’m disappointed about that. I live in Orem actually so it’s super close to me,” said Diana Rosenthal, who also has passed for all of her children.

Owners of the water park have faced years of legal problems. The owner has been accused of owing millions of dollars on a series of properties across the country - the water park being one of them.

Seven Peaks released the following statement in regards to what is happening:

“As time grows near for the traditional opening of the Seven Peaks Water Park in Provo, the status of the affiliation of the water park with Seven Peaks for the 2018 season remains uncertain.

The Seven Peaks management team that has operated the park for nearly two decades today disclosed that ownership of the Provo water park was transferred to another owner in 2016 in a transaction that retained Seven Peaks management within a leaseback agreement.

That transaction, however, has resulted in legal proceedings that are still pending. If the outcome makes it possible to do so, the Seven Peaks management team would like to resume management of the property at the first available time.

Due to the present uncertainties, the managers of the Pass Of All Passes (POAP), which is a separate corporation, will be unable to include the Provo Water Park in the set of 20-plus POAP venues unless it can determine that the POAP’s will be honored at the Provo water park as one of the offered attractions. If the Provo water park is not open, or future arrangements are not made for the POAP to be accepted at the Provo water park, POAP holders will be encouraged to use their POAP at the Lehi Fun Center or Salt Lake Water Park facilities and the other 20-plus POAP venues.

Until the present uncertainties are resolved, the Seven Peaks management team will be making no further statements.”

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