'Should I run?' Neighbors of West Bountiful refinery concerned by false alarms

West Bountiful police say there's no more need to worry after several false alarms at a nearby refinery put residents on edge. (Photo: KUTV)

The people who live near the Holly Refinery in West Bountiful are used to hearing the weekly alarm test on Fridays at noon.

But what happens when the alarm goes off any other time?

“Should I run? I woke up my husband because we don’t know what to do,” neighbor Patricia Tomsik told 2News.

Tomsik was awoken by the alarm early Sunday morning around 3:30 a.m.

“I’ve been here for two years and nothing like that’s happened; it really scared me,” she said.

By 4:20 a.m., West Bountiful Police had posted to social media letting people know it was just a false alarm.

“Once we started contacting Holly Refinery, they let us know that it was a false alarm,” West Bountiful Police Chief Todd Hixson said.

The refinery had a false alarm sound on Dec. 30 as well. Hixson said his department is in close contact with refinery officials and will work to alert people in the event of a real emergency.

People who commented on the West Bountiful Police Facebook post raised concerns about the false alarms.

“If they’re having so many false alarms, shouldn’t they halt work till they know what’s going on,” Paul Lloyd wrote. “I just don’t want to wake up to having windows blown out because they just shrugged it off as false alarms.”

Patricia Tomsick echoed those concerns and indicated she would like more information from the refinery about what to do in a real emergency.

“Give us pamphlets or a paper on what to do in case something happens,” Tomsik said.

Holly publishes a “citizenship report” on its website, which includes a section about emergency response.

West Bountiful Police posted to their Facebook page Friday night to say that refinery officials had contacted them to tell them they found the problem with the false alarms and it has been fixed.

2News contacted Holly Refinery after the false alarm on Dec. 30, but did not receive a response.

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