Sisters speak out against app they claim promotes cyber bullying

Sisters speak out against app they claim promotes cyberbullying (Photo: RaeAnn Christensen/ Twitter)

(KUTV)- It's a popular app among Utah junior high and high school student, but parents are concerned it's an open forum for bullying. Even teens are coming out saying the app is dangerous - even deadly.

It's called Sarahah. The mobile app claims its purpose is to provide honest feedback but commenters can send messages anonymously, which means kids can't get in trouble for what they’ve said.

“We first saw it as an app to get compliments,” said Terrin Legerski.

Terrin’s sister Taylor added the Sarahah app seemed too good to be true when she began to get praise.

“I was getting those good comments saying how pretty I was,” Taylor said.

But then criticizing posts started rolling in.

“People telling you like why don't you go overdose or why don't you go cut yourself,” Terrin said.

Terrin said bullying in the hallways of school is bad enough without these types of digital platforms. The cyberbullying has been so bad for her that she now does school online.

“It's this group of people that are bringing you down and making you fight for your life,” Terrin said.

The teen has literally been fighting for her life, she said. She's been told repeatedly to take her own life by people she doesn’t know or can identify.

“People like me can't walk around the streets without being told to put a gun to their head,” she said.

She added the calls to take her life is something she took seriously once when she tried to commit suicide.

“I was put in the hospital and it was probably one of the scariest times of my life,” Terrin confessed.

In the past year, Terrin said she's lost two of her friends to suicide.

“They didn't deserve to be pushed to the point they didn't want to live anymore and this is what this app is made for,” she said.

Taylor said she wishes the Sarahah app and those like it didn't exist.

“It would be a lot easier for us to be able to live our lives, get our education, and do everything we need to do to grow up and become successful,” Taylor said.

The sisters now want to speak out against bullying and are sharing their stories in hopes to help others and let parents know what's happening with their children.

“Check their phones, make sure they don't have this app because parents don't know if they are going to lose their kid one day because of this app,” Terrin said.

The Sarahah app is no longer available to download in the Apple Store, however, kids may still have it on their mobile devices if they downloaded it before it was removed. The app is still available to download on Android.

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