SL Co. Sheriff Winder meets with Pres. Obama in Washington

SL Co. Sheriff Winder meets with Pres. Obama in Washington

(KUTV) Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder met with President Obama and other national leaders at a White House discussion of law enforcement reform Wednesday.

During a panel discussion, Attorney General Loretta Lynch spoke along with Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck and U.S. District Attorney John Walsh, according to a post on Winder's Facebook page.

"During the discussion the issue all could agree upon was the need for the entire criminal justice system to be evaluated," Winder said. "The elements in need of repair are not just Law Enforcement, prisons, jails or the Courts. What needs to change is how we approach non-violent, anti-social behavior in general."

The Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office has publicly announced their efforts to reform the criminal justice system in the county, including reducing sentences for suspects who have used small amounts of drugs.

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The county announced in late September efforts to reduce overcrowding at the jail by refusing to accept suspects for other minor offenses.

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Winder said the county's efforts were part of what national leaders say is happening within law enforcement across the country.

"The evolving consensus is we as a society need to begin to understand that a host of behaviors require less "punishment" but true behavior modification. This modification can be achieved in many ways, but repeated incarceration has been demonstrated as having little positive affect, and in many instances only serves to worsen the underlying problems," Winder said. "The problem is complex and the solutions are neither easy or cheap. But in the end I do believe there are more effective and humane ways to enhance the safety of our community while improving the opportunities and outcomes of those who commit crimes.

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