SLC aims for 2030 Winter Olympics, 89% of Utahns support bid

SLC aims for 2030 Winter Olympics, 89% of Utahns support bid (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) - The Olympic/Paralympic Exploratory Committee (OEC) met Monday to present research for the 2030 Olympic bid. They discussed budget, transportation, the economic impact, venues, environment & climate, and legal issues.

"We have the best venues The best logistics, and really meet the needs of future games better than any other candidate city out there," said Jeff Robbins, CEO of the Utah Sports Commission. "Right now, we're optimistic!"

Community members supported the bid. A recent poll showed up to 90% of Utahns would like to see the Winter Olympics return to Salt Lake City.

"I honestly believe Salt Lake is the best place in the world to host the Winter Olympics!" said Austin Schofield, who was 8 when the winter games first came to Salt Lake. "Salt Lake is a great place for them since we don't have to spend the money other cities would have to spend. And we have local support!"

While the numbers are still being calculated, the initial report shows the cost of hosting the 2030 Olympics will be around $1.6 billion. The money would go towards transportation, lodging, running and maintaining facilities and venues.

“We hope to spend about what we did in 2002, or a little less,” said Robbins.

"That's probably about $3-400 million dollars of a budget reduction compared to 2002," said Fraser Bullock, co-chair of the OEC.

The 2002 games brought $4.8 billion dollars to the local economy and exposure for our state.

“Now, we have social media, Twitter, Facebook, all sorts of ways to show off our state,” said Bullock.

Utah’s existing infrastructure has been properly maintained, committee members reported, which means there will be less money required to build new facilities or repair existing ones.

“It’s really an opportunity to showcase to the world the good things going on here,” Bullock said.

The money will come from the International Olympic Committee, sponsorships, and television rights.

The committee will meet again on January 22, 2018, before submitting their report to the Governor’s Office on February 1st.

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