Whiskey Hill avalanche buries four, Beer Hill avalanche caused as a result

Whiskey Hill avalanche (Photo: Utah Avalanche Center)

(KUTV) - A group of five snowmobilers caused an avalanche that buried four of them.

It happened Wednesday in the Monte Cristo area just north of Eccles peak under a slope called Whiskey Hill in the mountains southeast of Logan.

One of the snowmobilers saw the avalanche breaking and yelled to warn the others.

All four were caught and partially buried. Three were able to dig their own way out, the fourth deployed his airbag backpack.

He was buried face down with only one boot and his airbag showing.

No one was seriously injured.

The other three dug him out.

The group knew about the avalanche danger because they heard it mentioned on local news stations.

All had receivers but not all of them had probes.

Another party went to look at the Whiskey Hill avalanche and caused the Beer Hill avalanche in the process.

The people that caused the Beer Hill avalanche had this to say about it: "We remotely triggered this avalanche today while looking at a natural avalanche to the far lookers right (north) side of beer hill. Felt the collapse by "the Trigger" and watched it come down. Sorry I could not get my phone into video mode so I clipped together some photos. We triggered this from where the photos were taken maybe 150 yards away. We then watched people ride to the lookers left of the slide with no affect. Spacial variability man!"

More details here.

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