Soldier has surprise homecoming at Veterans Day assembly

Soldier has surprise homecoming at Veterans Day assembly

(KUTV) A Pleasant Grove solider returned home from deployment early and surprised his three daughters at a Veterans Day assembly at Mount Mahogony Elementary School.

Ryan Flanary has been deployed to South Korea with the U.S. Army since January and wasn't planing to return home until Saturday. But with the help of school administrators and the Army, he was able to come home early to surprise his girls.

"Getting out there and looking through the crowd, I knew they all were dressed the same but I couldn't see them." Flanary said. "As soon as my oldest stood up and started walking forward, it was a rush of emotion."

The three girls say they were excited to see their dad again after nearly a year.

"I wanted to tell him that I loved him and I missed him," daughter Chloe Flanary said.

Flanary will be home through Thanksgiving before returning to his base in Hawaii. He expects to be back again in Utah for Christmas.

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