Southern Utah drivers don't buckle up as much as others in the state

Southern Utah drivers don't buckle up as much as others in the state (Photo: KUTV)

People in southern Utah are simply refusing to buckle up while driving behind the wheel and they're standing out compared to other communities around the state.

Officer Andy Mickelson tells 2News that a recent report said the St. George region is the lowest percentage when it comes to people wearing their seatbelts.

“83 percent of southern Utahans wear their seatbelt as compared to some northern Utah counties that are above the 90 percentile,” Mickleson said.

As an officer, Mickleson said he has heard every kind of excuse in the book but many people just simply forget, or the seatbelt doesn’t fit, or it’s in the way.

“The biggest frustration for me is the kids...when parents don't bother putting their kids in the safety restraints and things like's bothersome to see everybody out of a seatbelt,” Mickleson said.

According to this new report, drivers and passengers have a 30 percent higher risk of being ejected if they are not wearing their seatbelts, especially during a big collision.

“You never know when someone's going to run a red light, you never know if you blow a tire on the freeway. Keep those things in mind," Mickelson said.

Right now, police say all they can do is keep informing the public about seatbelts, St. George Police created a video to help educate and if you’d like to see more click on this link:

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