Store clerk who was stabbed thought she would die

Store clerk who was stabbed thought she would die (Photo: Cristina Flores, KUTV)

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah (KUTV) - Christine Marsh was only on the job for a couple of weeks at the Maverik store on Redwood Road West Valley City when a customer jumped over the counter and stabbed her several times.

What makes the ordeal even more upsetting for Marsh is the fact that the man who stabbed her should have been in the Salt Lake County Jail for another similar crime, but was released early by mistake.

“That’s a big mistake,” she said.

Marsh was the only worker in the store on Monday, October 5, when the attack happened before 5 a.m.

She noticed the suspect, later identified by police as Edwin Ogando, behaving strangely in the store but he left.

About 20 minutes later, she said he returned and hopped over the counter and put her in a choke hold.

Two beer delivery men who had just walked in the store, tried to help her and asked the man to let her go.

“I heard them say ‘please stop stabbing her. Please stop stabbing her’ but he said ‘I’m gonna kill her,” she recalled.

Her attacker was saying things that didn’t make sense. He demanded she call 911.

One of the delivery guys got on the phone and called police.

Meantime, she said the man pulled her into the back room and tried to shut the door. One of the delivery men tried to yank her out but the suspect stabbed her again.

She was stabbed six times including once in the face.

Marsh was visibly shaken as she recalled the attack. She’s trying to recover from the stab wounds all over her body.

The stab wound in the face resulted in a hematoma.

Marsh says she is very upset about the fact that her alleged attacker was released mistakenly from jail but for now, she wants to focus on getting better and getting back to work.

“I like working with the public,” she said.

She wants to meet the delivery men who she doesn’t know, but stepped in to help her.

“I want to say thank you cause if they hadn’t been there, I probably would have died. He was going to kill me,” she said.

Edwin Ogando was in the Salt Lake County Jail until September 9. He’d served 101 days for another assault at a different Maverik store. In that case, he also used a knife to destroy property at a Maverik store but nobody was stabbed.

After a hearing in court on September 8, the judge sent him back to jail to serve more time, according to Salt Lake County Sheriff Rosie Rivera who oversees the jail.

Rivera said once back at the jail, a clerk went through a stack of paperwork to input the new sentencing information into the jail computer system.

The clerk made an error in entering the data and that triggered a release for Ogando who got out 42 days early.

“We feel terrible about what happened,” said Rivera noting she’d implemented new “checks and balances” in the jail system to ensure the same “human error” doesn’t happen again.

Rivera said after the attack on Christine Marsh, her staff researched and found the error and they made the mistake public.

Ogando had been out of jail for one month when he was arrested for attacking Christine Marsh.

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