String of vandalism spreads from Layton to Clearfield

String of vandalism spreads from Layton to Clearfield (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) - A string of violent attacks in Davis County spread from Layton to Clearfield over the weekend.

Neighbors in Clearfield say the vandals have been active for months.

“Recently, there’s been an uptick in criminal activity. A couple cars stolen, broken into, seven cars, just that night, that got smashed into. That’s just what I know of,” said Zac Redford, who had several large, heavy rocks thrown at his vehicle, causing hundreds of dollars in damage.

Neighbors and police believe vandals are targeting the Layton-Clearfield area.

“Looked like a smaller SUV. Maybe a crossover?” Redford said. “From the video, it looks like there were three.”

Layton and Clearfield police are now searching for the suspects.

“It is very frustrating as it’s often teens or young adults out enjoying themselves at other people’s expense.”

Redford hoped the victims understand soon what kind of damage they’re causing.

“Get your head on straight. They’re making decisions that are going to affect them in the long run.”

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