Students safe, suspicious package had matches, canisters and was 'sizzling'

Pineview High School Evacuated (Photo: Jack Whalen)

(KUTV) - Students at Pine View High School High School in St. George have been released to go home after a suspicious package was found by a student.

No students were harmed or injured. You can get live updates here.

2News' DJ Bolerjack talked with 17-year-old Jack Whalen who found the package by a vending machine.

Whalen told 2News the package had matches, canisters and was making a 'sizzling' sound.

Whalen reported the package to authorities.

According to the St. George Police Department, a school resource officer at the school was notified of the incident and after an investigation, the Washington County School District decided an evacuation was appropriate. The incident was reported to police at 12:20 p.m. Monday

Information in the story was provided by DJ Bolerjack.

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