Ted Cruz gives shout out to Utah, promises to protect BYU

Ted Cruz gives shout out to Utah, promises to protect BYU

(KUTV) Texas Senator Ted Cruz, in the wake of his big primary victory in Wisconsin Tuesday night, cited Utah as a turning point in his campaign.

Cruz says his landslide victory in the Beehive state two weeks ago is the beginning of the end for the GOP's controversial front runner, Donald Trump.

"In Utah we won 69 percent of the vote in a landslide election, winning every single delegate in the state," Cruz said in his victory speech. In addition, Cruz also promised to protect religious institutions, including Brigham Young University, against what he see as increasing intolerance of faith.

"Catholic schools and Jewish day schools, Brigham Young and the Little Sisters of the Poor will see a Supreme Court that protects their religious liberty," said Cruz.

He has long seen a recent ruling by the Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage as morally and legally wrong. The Republican has said the ruling is an attack on religious liberties. His comments come in the wake of two states, Mississippi and North Carolina, passing laws that allow for discrimination against same-sex couples if someone has a religious objection.

Last year, Utah passed a much hailed anti-discrimination law that makes it illegal to discriminate against someone in employment and housing if they are gay or transgender. The bill did make an exception for religious institutions like BYU and the Boy Scouts of America. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who owns BYU, signed off on the legislation.

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