Teen snowmobiler who went missing describes how he survived

Teen snowmobiler who went missing describes how he survived (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) - 16-year-old Kelen Cook did not suffer frostbite, not even a scratch after he became stranded alone while snowmobiling, prompting a rescue operation in Cache County.

His cell phone had no signal, a radio did not work, but Kelen had one major advantage: he was close enough to a road he could hear the cars.

"My snowmobile sucked me in, and I got stuck in the trees, and I couldn't get out," said Kelen, explaining how horsepower became useless.

So he trudged from a ravine and through deep snow to reach the road.

"How difficult was it to walk?" Said 2News asked.

"It was pretty difficult because everywhere I went, I sunk," he said.

Still, the teen estimated his low speed, high stepping, sometimes uphill climb only took a half hour.

It was not the first time, people have held their breaths when Kelen was on a snowmobile.

Loved ones provided video in which he made an ascent on a snow machine, only to have it roll on top of him, and for him to emerge seemingly unscathed.

"I was very worried," said Shannon Cook, Kelen's mother, about the latest scare.

She got a call Monday evening that he was missing, and said she was "panicked that they wouldn't find him, or an avalanche (had hit)."

Tuesday night, she had a birthday dinner for a daughter, 24 hours late.

"Her birthday was yesterday and we didn't get to do anything for her," said Shannon.

So for a relieved mother, Tuesday night was the party---for a birthday---and a welcome home.

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