Three accused of holding knife to victim's throat, kidnapping in Midvale

Group mug shot. (Photo courtesy of Salt Lake County Jail)

(KUTV) —Three men were arrested on Saturday for allegedly kidnapping a 30-year-old adult male, who later escaped and called police.

A victim called police on March 10 to report that they had stolen a security camera, police say. This victim believed the suspects were the upstairs neighbors in the complex in which they all live.

According to police, officers attempted to make contact with the suspects and ask them questions, but they were not home.

Later that same evening, the victim saw the suspects outside of their apartment having a smoke, police say.

Because the victim had a previously friendly relationship with the suspects, police say he approached them, hoping to remedy the situation.

When the victim went into the suspects' apartment, the door closed behind the victim and one of them grabbed him and held a knife to his throat, according to police.

The suspects demanded the victim drop the theft case or else they would kill him, police say. The victim was held in the apartment by the three suspects before being forced into an orange 2008 Cadillac CTS.

As the car was driving, the victim was able to unlock a back door and leap from the moving car, police say. He escaped with only minor injuries.

The following morning, on March 11, authorities found the orange vehicle at the Wasatch Apartments in Midvale.

All three suspects were taken into custody without incident, police say. The orange vehicle was impounded and a search warrant for evidence was served at the original location, which was at Marquette Drive.

The suspects were interviewed and booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on charges of aggravated robbery, aggravated assault, aggravated kidnapping, theft and threats.

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