Three people, one dog dead after head-on crash in Millard County

Deadly car crash in Millard County. (Photo courtesy of UDOT)

(KUTV) — Three people are dead after a Tuesday night crash three miles south of Scipio.

The crash happened on State Route 50 shortly before 9 p.m.

Scipio Utah Fire and EMS describes the incident as a "tragic event."

According to a police, a white SUV struck a black Ford Focus head-on while trying to pass a semi-truck. Police said the driver may have been distracted by a dog in the car.

The SUV flipped upside down onto its roof; the Ford Focus was knocked back and off to the side of the road.

Both front seat occupants of the Ford Focus were killed instantly. An 11-year-old passenger was in the back seat.

Both vehicles then caught fire, police say. At that time the occupants were still pinned inside and unable to escape.

Police say a passerby stopped to help, cutting the seat belts from the passengers of the white SUV and helping them to get out.

Everyone inside the black vehicle had to be extricated.

Fire crews arrived at the scene in time to prevent the fire from immolating any of the occupants, according to authorities.

The 11-year-old Ford Focus passenger died while being transported to Primary Children's Hospital. A 17-year-old male passenger who was in the same vehicle is in "very critical condition," authorities said.

The driver of the white SUV is in stable condition, but the 9-year-old passenger is in critical condition.

SR-50 was closed at Mile Post 134 for three to four hours, but is currently open.

The family in the black Ford was in Utah for a vacation, authorities say.

Authorities are investigating the role of speed and distractions in the crash, as there was a dog in the white SUV, which also died in the crash.

The occupants of the white SUV were identified by authorities as follows:

  • Woman
  • A 9-year-old passenger in critical condition
  • A dog

The occupants of the black Ford Focus were identified by authorities as follows:

  • Tyrone Bova (deceased), 47, from Archland, North Carolina
  • Holly Jo Bova (deceased), 43, was in the front passenger seat
  • Haden Bova (deceased), 11, was in the back passenger seat
  • A 17-year-old male, transported to Primary Children's Hospital in very critical condition

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